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All inquires regarding purchasing of art are welcomed. You may contact me via e-mail at Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy.

James M. Wilson Sr. is an artist who works in multiple disciplines. His work includes, painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography and audio/multimedia installations. His work explores the intersections of different medias to explore elements of nature and the divine through aspects of sacred geometry, color and vibration. Also as a percussionist and soundscape designer he occasionally adds to his visual works audio soundscapes. 


Creating art brought him to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1977. Prior to coming to Baltimore he studied ceramics at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA 1970-1972. Once graduating from MICA, he became a certified orthotist and a prosthetic technician and worked in that field for 35 years of his life. The last three years of that career he was casting, fabricating (including color section-painting-mold making and design), and providing patient care for high definition silicone prostheses. Over the 35 years working as in the O&P profession he has been an avid photographer. And for the last three years he has returned to oil painting with a focus on landscapes. The last year he has been mentored in jewelry making under the supervision of Henry Hopkins III in Baltimore, Maryland. His newest works focus on blending all these skills.  


His newest works which are now under way are based on the Four Classical Elements, Fire, Air, Water, & Earth. The first of which is based of Water. This series of works will embrace all the different artistic disciplines he so enjoys. After much thought he realized all these different things he has been creating are all just parts of larger pieces of art. The sculptural aspect of these works will embrace his years of work in the prosthetic & orthotic field, The objects which will be adorning the figures will embrace his new found love of making jewelry, The back panels will provide a component for his love of oil painting landscapes and a surface for secret geometry patterns, He is very excited to be working on these new pieces. He reports, there is still so much still to do!

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