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Life cast taken on August 19, 2020


Year of production:2020

Running Time: 4:10 min

I had the honor to take a life cast of this 97 year old gentleman in Potomac, Maryland. The model will be used to fabricate a bronze sculpture. Photos from this cast are at the end of the video and also on my sculpture page under Life Cast.

This To Will Pass
A new CD by Brain Forest entitled "Music For A Pandemic"


Year of production:2020

Running Time: 8:44 min

video & audio recording do here at Bird House Studios, Baltimore, MD.

This is one cut from a group of videos with music entitled "Music For A Pandemic". This project goes under the name Brain Forest. This is to be fourth CD under the title of Brain Forest.


This link will take you to all the new tracks recorded so far for this project.

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