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Multimedia - Series - Elements

"WATER" is the first of a series of multimedia art works entitled "ELEMENTS". This series is based on the four elements, WATER, AIR, FIRE, & EARTH. This series of works are a new direction for me in an attempt to use many of the materials and styles of art that I love to work within: landscape painting, figurative sculpture, jewelry, and sacred geometry. 

"WATER" is constructed as follows: back panel is oil paint on wooden panels with painted acrylic borders, with addition back of paint design wa painted with gold oil paint and then the design pattern was drew with a Sharpie marker. The crown is constructed of brass casting using the lost wax process, carved wood and sea shells which were then covered in gold leaf, and wire wrapped metal for the head band section of the crown. The figure is constructed of portland cement which has been painted with oil paint. And the base is constructed of wood and also painted with oil paint. The upside down pyramid on the chest of the figure is constructed out of copper. 

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